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On Sundays we meet at Rogelio and Fernanda's home for a bible study and lunch together. They have one son Boos and Celia and her two children, Ali and Sharon also join us. In in order to eat "lunch" which commences any time after 2, we don't begin our little worship service until 12 pm :) It makes for a very slow and relaxing Sunday morning and we may try to take advantage of it to call into church services back home.
Rogelio y Daniel chatting after lunchCelia y Fernanda doing dishesP1000547P1000548Boos, Ali y Sharon relaxing after worship and lunchRogelio husking cornP1000551Rogelio Daniel (who was bummed to supper that miss out :P) was brewing all day. Rabbit stew!Rabbit stew!Sharon y Fernanda looking at Mary Kay productsDaniel y Boos

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