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It was a VERY busy weekend, this past one in Kansas, but I forfeited my wedding party brunch for Paul & Kristen to spend some time with my family. It was great to have our wonderful nieces, Tristyn & Maelyn, and my brother Troy and his wife Amity home with us! Mom, Tristyn & I transplanted some 30 garlic bulbs that had been specially flown in from Michigan ;) Oh it was lovely to get dirty!

Tristyn & I then explored the farm and found a birds' nest, some type of nut, a dried sunflower stalk, and the grain wagon half full of milo (the treasure at the end of the hunt according to Tristyn!). Unfortunately, neither of us had long enough arms to get a handful of milo and Tristyn needed someone more adventuresome than A. Tami to jump in the wagon and hand her some! Where's U. Dan when we need him? He was in class that morning, by the way, and STILL made the effort to join us in KS for a mere 26 hours on the ground. I have the BEST husband!

We then went in the house and did makeup before getting prepared for the rest of the day. I failed to mention that dress up & a magic show occurred before Grandma's amazing breakfast while Maelyn was busy making coffees for everyone interested on Grandma's fancy coffee maker! I also failed to take pictures during the makeup session (perhaps b/c I hadn't yet showered!) but let me tell you...we had fun :) Oh & then my mom topped it off my giving me a manicure after my amazing she is!
Grandma getting a morning hugMaelyn making coffees!DSC_1787-3DSC_1789-4DSC_1790-5Shopping in the garden shedPreparing our garlic rowsdiggingTristyn holding a garlic bulbplacing the bulbs in Grandma's holesGrandma digging the holesDSC_1802-12DSC_1803-13Grandma marking the rowstime for the 3rd row-yes there will be LOTS of garlic this summer in the Kaeb house :)DSC_1808-16DSC_1809-17teamwork!DSC_1811-19an aspiring gardner!

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