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Per our usual style, we made a last-minute decision after work one Friday to do supper with Dave & Shannon while she was in town. Due to the fact that both of us couples prefer cheap and homemade, we pulled hamburger from my parents out of the freezer and decided to whip up some hamburger buns (thanks to my cousin Jamie) to let rise on the 30 minute drive to Dave's. While rather thrown together, it was cheap AND tasty! Dave shared some of his home-brewed beer with us and we spent way too much of the rest of the evening (finals were staring Dan in the face!) playing Rummikub. Amanda Graor met up with us later in the night. She was in town for her Grandpa's funeral, unfortunately, but we enjoyed the time she shared with us.
and they licked the platters clean!!DSC_5674DSC_5675DSC_5676DSC_5677DSC_5678DSC_5679DSC_5681DSC_5684DSC_5687DSC_5695DSC_5697DSC_5707DSC_5708DSC_5710DSC_5713DSC_5714DSC_5716DSC_5719DSC_5721

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