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Our school promotes volunteering at Casa Hogar, a local orphanage, and our friend Raquel has been going there for a few weeks so we decided to tag along one afternoon.

I don't know how to politely say that I did not want to return after one visit. I had limited interaction with the children and my eyes could only see the uncleanliness & smells that were surrounding me.

Thankfully my husband had more interaction with the kids and saw their hearts and minds behind the exterior and gently encouraged me to give it a 2nd try.

Today was our 2nd day and I assisted with tutoring the younger children and we ended up assisting with showers in the middle of tutoring. Their personality did shine right through the runny noses and dirty surroundings (and my amazing husband even assisted the boys in picking up and sweeping out their room!) and my heart just hurts for them.

Just as all children, they crave attention, but these special, though easily forgotten children, also crave physical touch and human connection. Two and 1/2 months doesn't feel long enough to make a significant impact in their lives, but with the Lord's help, we're going to do whatever we can, even if it's just homework and sweeping out dorm rooms!

We tried to get pictures of all the kids we did homework with (only about 8 of 30) to help us learn their names.

Will you please pray for them with us?
Vanessa (one of the teens who immediately stole my heart) playing with some younger childrenP1000557P1000558P1000559Daniel being his own jungle gym!P1000562Daniel helping Fernando with his homework.P1000598Raquel working with UrielFernandoP1000603P1000605LupitaLupitaAnatook a couple tries to get Ana to smile with teeth instead of tongue!P1000618P1000620Yara

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