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My mom was able to use her voucher to get a last minute plane ticket to come visit us after Kaeb was born. She was an amazing housekeeper in my stead (maybe even better!) and spoiled us with her baking, cooking, cleaning, & laundering. We even got some helpful instructions on washing and line drying baby clothes, including diapers b/c yes, we are going the route of cloth diapers for economical reasons :)

I was a little bit overwhelmed & sad seeing Mom and all of her positive encouragement & help leave, but as she gently said, after two weeks it was time for the three of us to get a routine established and becoming a family unit! Thanks, Mom, for all your patient teaching and caring for us!
Grandma K meets Kaeb!roasting coffeedan's new roasting panthe green beansgas oven roastingremoving the chaffroasted beans!checking out Kaeb's new shoes from grandma k and daddy on the computeroh to enjoy using our recliners once again!admiring our miracle from God!in awe of his perfect tiny lips!yummy panini sandwiches mom made ussitting around the table as a family for the first time!Kaeb sporting his bib from grandpa coughlingrandma snuggling with kaebdaddy babysitting :)enjoying his swingP1020025P1020028night time snuggles w/grandma

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