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How crazy is it to admit that we drove 7 hours just to have a slow weekend doing nothing! My parents and all my siblings and their families, except my oldest brother Troy, met up at one of our most favorite weekend getaway locations, a lodge in Galena, IL! Every time we go we love it, even if the weather is poor!

Some had hoped to ski, but due the steady rainfall our entire time there it turned out to be a very lowkey trip, which was GREAT! Our lack of photos is testament to our sheer relaxation laziness, not disinterest in our subjects :-P The only time we left the lodge was to eat lunch on Sunday in downtown Galena at Durty Gurt's Burger Joynt, which had amazing hamburgers and yummy shakes!

Oh & Jaci got to experience her first swim. She did so good and let several of us play with her. She didn't even cry when mommy put her under water!

We also celebrated Jan-April birthdays, thus the jello cake. We forgot candles, but Brock didn't seem to mind and was pretty excited about "his" cake that Cailer decorated with candy hearts!
Everyone relaxed...even Jaci Jo!just chilling with u. danDSC_1276u. dan reading spanish bible storiesDSC_1278DSC_1279u. dan teaching cailer the snake gamelike grandpa like grandson!DSC_1284this photo pretty much sums up our weekend :)Jaci getting ready for her first swimour little thumb sucker!no one had the heart to pull her thumb out to get her swim suit straps over her shoulders!getting some love from u. dangrandma's turn for kissesready or not jaci, here we go!DSC_1306DSC_1308DSC_1311DSC_1313

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