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While a little bit of snow is fun, I have thoroughly enjoyed our opportunities for so much outdoor time this winter, which hasn't exhibited much snow! Kaeb and Zoe did get one ride on the sled from their daddy, but mostly we've enjoyed a late fall blended into an early spring. It's been fun being back on our little piece of property!
kaeb's comfortable snack position (note the apple!)zoe in the snow...wait, the green grass!!!P1070027P1070028going for a ride with daddyP1070031getting re-acquainted with the chickensP1070036sharing the chair for reading time!P1070038P1070039P1070040"helping" mommy make marshmallow treatsgrapefruit for breakfast!Zoe would like to share :)Kaeb's stacked blocksP1070048dualing diaper changes!playing with stickersthanks grandma c for the sticker book!

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