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Mexico does not celebrate Halloween, but nevertheless, the timing of the weekends coordinates with this US holiday :) They are random pictures...but nothing is NOT random in our lives these days! Kaeb is now 8 months and crawl/scooting wherever he pleases, though it's painstakingly slow to him compared to his walker so he still much prefers to be on his feet, but he's getting it figured out!

The kids had an aunt and uncle visit them on Sunday and we snapped a couple pictures of them as well. We also made the kids carameled apples, only to watch them peel all the caramel off and eat the apple by itself then wad the caramel back up on the stick. *sigh* next time maybe we'll just give them the caramels and apple separate to save us all some work :)
sooty kidsJose, Ramses, Alexia, y NereidaDSC_1975-editedGloriaoh what does one do about fingers in the mouth!!!the girls reading archie togetherthe girls now have 2 separate twin beds...w/o frames as of solve arguments on stealing covers, responsibility for bed-making, and personal space :)DSC_1997-editedDSC_1999-editedKaeb and mommymy sleepy 8 month oldsmile? i want to sleep!DSC_2020-edited-editedDSC_2024-edited-editedDSC_2030-edited-editedDSC_2036-edited-editedDSC_2055-edited-editedstill a toothless smile!DSC_2061-edited-editedDSC_2069-edited-edited

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