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At 4 months Kaeb is still a joy and a precious gift from God! This week he discovered his ability to reach for things (and sometimes attain) so he's now busy trying to grab everything in sight. He's also grown a bit taller, I believe, as he manages to scoot his walker new distances every day it seems!

He's very responsive to being talked to, even turning his head all around to find the source of noise and talking, and loves to smile! He has an adorable giggle that unfortunately makes itself the most prominent the more tired he is...and thus quickly dissolves into tears! He loves to read books, especially his plastic bubble book on shapes from A. Kim because he can eat that one as well :)

His milestone of sleeping through the night has been messed up since we visited the US, but hopefully we'll get back to that as well sooner than later! He is also experiencing his first cold & cough since our travels, but hopefully we're on the mend with that as well.

Most of all, we continue to thank God for the precious gift he is! Kaeb is gaining 5 older siblings at CVE and we feel very blessed by them as well! We covet your prayers and we join our family with the Arcoverde kids, Alexia, Ramses, Nereida, Jose, and Gloria. We'll post pictures with all of us soon! God is good & faithful with his love and mercy and we wish to give all glory to Him.

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