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Since we were all prepared for Christmas with the kids, we spent out last day in Magdalena with them having a mini Christmas celebration. We made decorations for the Christmas tree and then opened gifts. It made for very enjoyable memories!
Nere and Ram making Christmas ornamentsalexiaDSC_4301DSC_4302DSC_4303FINALLY opening gifts...after waiting a whole 3 hours!DSC_4312DSC_4315Alexia's watchDSC_4327Gloria's own camelback!DSC_4330Nere reading her new book to her new baby!Jose listening inAlexia waiting patiently for her turntrying to get Ram's remote to workKaeb was quite interested in Jose's lego flashlight...much to Jose's chagrin!Nere with her peek-a-boo dollDSC_4342Jose was excited about a remote control car

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