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We planted a garden again this year. It's our third new climate to work with and significantly different than Michigan, Kansas, or Kentucky! This year we built watering trenches and planted along the edges of the trench. It was quite a bit of work, but thankfully we had special guests to help with the labor, Jason & Maggi :) Thanks to them and my wonderful husband (as I was often tending Kaeb and not much help!) we got tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, beans, corn, and cucumbers planted. We have cabbage and more spinach ready for a fall crop. Lord willing, we hope to can and freeze our own veggies again this year and I cannot wait! Now if only we stay faithful to all the watering that will be necessary, our first desert garden will hopefully grow and produce!! I'm sure we have much to learn--such as how best to get a straight trench :)
tilling the previous crop underkaeb's view from the sidelinesmy wonderful husbandJason & MaggiDSC_5158DSC_5160DSC_5161digging trenchesA. Maggi (and a new cousin) bonding with Kaebshe's going to be a great mommy herself!Frankie arrives on the sceneour pregnant sister-in-law!planningDSC_5179DSC_5180plantingreading Sevin instructions for FrankieDSC_5187DSC_5188Frankie tending the cabbage

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